God's Chosen Vessels


By Synthia Robinson-Pack

My child, you are a vessel selected by My hand

To serve My precious Spirit throughout all the land.

Some of you are earthen, some are made of brass,

Some of you are first and some of you are last.

Each vessel that I've chosen holds a special place,

To reveal your Father's love, His honor and His grace.

Some vessels stand part empty, while some others are filled.

Others are displayed and some are not yet revealed.

Each vessel that I've chosen is simply part of My best.

It will withstand the usage; it will withstand the tests.

When the vessel is empty, I fill it to the top.

When it is quite full, only then do I stop.

I take up every vessel yielded to My hand.

And pour out my Spirit upon every man.

Some will drink freely; others they will not.

Some drink cooler waters; while others drink is hot.

All who drink of My Spirit will be refreshed.

For I always pour out only My best.

Every single vessel that I fill and use to serve,

Can drink freely of My vineyard's best reserve.

So if you are my vessel chosen by My hand,

Please always remember, please always understand.

You are My vessel, fit for constant use.

There is no reason, there is no excuse.

Why you are not filled daily by My very hand,

So that I can use you, pouring upon the land,

My precious Spirit revealing to all My face,

To all who will drink freely and who partake,

The water flows freely all upon the land,

From my special vessels chosen by My hand.

Feel My loving grasp. Feel My warm touch,

As I pour out My Spirit and fill you up.

You will never crumble. You will never break,

As you pour out freely upon those who will partake.

My child, you are a vessel selected by My hand

To serve My precious Spirit throughout all the land.


Copyright 2001 by Synthia Robinson-Pack. All rights reserved.




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